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This page is being provided to the Indy USBC Membership to keep its members informed of announcements, requests, changes and/or corrections, etc., pertinent to the bowling community. In addition to news, updates, and announcements communications, there will be long-term references that may serve or be of interest to the Indy USBC Association members.

Please check often for additional information on this page.

  • Effective October 15, 2011, the USBC Association Office/Association Manager Corky Koch's email address is
  • The May issue of the Pocket Panorama is now online... Click the Pocket Panorama tab.
  • The Women's City Tournament Prize List available on the Women's Tournament tab.

  • The Current Yearbook is available online as well as the past Yearbooks.


Indy USBC Association is compiling its history statistics.  If you or your women's or mixed 2, 3, 4, or 5-member teams have had a high score and fits in any of the categories, please complete the form or contact Association Manager Corky Koch with the information.

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